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Investing in the lives of future generations is a decision that you will never regret. When you are ready to start a Kingdom Knights or Club DOK program, begin with purchasing a Program Guide. These Program Guides will provide you everything you need, including:

  • Comprehensive lessons plans for 2 years of material

  • Instructions for special events

  • Tips for success

  • Small group discussion questions 

  • Planning schedule

  • Ideas for gathering support from church or organization leadership.

To purchase your Program Guide, email

Getting Started: About Us


Before you begin a local program, you should secure the support of your church leadership, including the pastor, children's ministry leadership, youth ministry leadership, and elders/deacons.  We recommend gathering at least two to three like-minded people (other parents of late elementary-age children or parents of teens) to help you present this program in whatever forum is most appropriate at your church.  Consider researching current statistics that are relevant to tween populations, including statistics specific to your area, if applicable.

Before meeting with leadership, familiarize yourself with the program format and curriculum, and develop a plan for implementation.  Be able to verbalize your goals for this ministry. Present this information, including details about the specifics: date, time and frequency of meeting, duration of the program, potential leadership team, and volunteers). Bring the curriculum to the meeting and be prepared to share some of the testimonies presented as well as the impact the program has had on other churches.

Getting Started: Who We Are
Getting Started: Testimonials
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“We’ve implemented the Seeds of Purpose programs at our church for ten years. They have helped us: bridge the gap between Children and Student Ministries; Biblically and creatively address many social issues our tweens are facing; deepen relationships between parents and their kids; establish lasting bonds between families; develop leaders and volunteers within our church; and strengthen the foundations of our families. The Seeds of Purpose programs have served as a “front door” to those in our region. The incredible impact Seeds of Purpose has had upon our church and region will be felt for generations.”

Erin Weaver, Senior Pastor, Grace Bible Church


The Club DOK & Kingdom Knights programs are designed to be taught over two years. While the message is consistent year to year, the topics are presented in distinct ways. If a participant can only attend one year, he or she will still receive the entire teaching of Kingdom Knights or Club DOK. 

So why offer it for two years in a row? When tweens are introduced to the topics during their first year, they hear a lot of new information. Year one lays the foundation. When tweens attend for the second year, they can process more in-depth information and handle the content with more maturity. They retain additional and different information from the first year, and they are more likely to make life changes as a result of participating in the second year.

Getting Started: Who We Are


These coming-of-age ministries are targeted at tweens, and it will inherently serve as a bridge between children’s ministry and youth ministry. Participants will naturally create a foundation of invested families who, at completion, are ready to transition to the youth program. Kingdom Knights and Club DOK have a natural appeal to families of tweens that are both churched and unchurched and will become a significant outreach to the community. Because of this fact, you will need to observe the community and answer the following questions:

1. What is the grade that students in your local school districts transition to junior high school?

2. What is the grade that students in your church transition to the youth group?

It is imperative to coordinate with both children and youth ministries as you decide upon grade levels to include and implement the program at your church.

Getting Started: About


We believe that it is a crime to bore anyone with the Bible. We want boys and girls to have more fun learning about becoming a woman of God than they do learning about anything else. We recommend that you include special events throughout the year to add variety and create interest in the course content. Examples include the Formal Banquet held after the lessons on manners where tweens can practice their table etiquette and make polite conversation or the Modesty Fashion Show where girls demonstrate being fashionable while maintaining modesty.

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