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Girls receive messages from all directions about how they should look, how they should act, and who they should be. Many of them do not realize that they are a child of God, making them the daughter of the King of Kings. Club DOK is designed to equip young ladies to emerge into womanhood with beauty, courage, and a grasp of God's true love. This group is for tween girls (grades 4th - 6th) and their mothers. The weekly lessons are taught in an age-appropriate format and are designed to be engaging and interactive. Lessons are aimed at saturating the girls' minds with Biblical truths so they can recognize false messages. The time spent with their mothers each week helps them to discover that their mom is also a friend and a mentor.

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Seeds of Purpose has designed curriculum that teaches girls everything from what to expect during puberty, to how to make up with your friend after a fight. Other lessons focus on such things like spiritual growth, navigating media, princess manners and dressing modestly.  For a more detailed overview of content, visit our website at

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Our philosophy for Club DOK is that it is criminal to bore anyone with the Bible. We want the girls to have more fun learning about becoming a woman of God than they do learning about anything else. Throughout the year the lessons taught in Club DOK are reinforced with special events to help the girls and their moms practice what they have learned while having fun and building memories. 

An example of this is having a fashion show to celebrate the completion of lessons on modesty. These special events serve as a natural advertisement for your group in the community and serve to create excitement with the participants all while celebrating the ability to be modest and fashionable. Special events also serve to inform the community and audience about Club DOK and provide a sneak peek at what is taught in the program.

Some suggested ideas for special events include:

  • Creating a Family Tree Craft

  • Club DOK Sleepover or Lip Sync Challenge

  • Spa Day

  • Modesty Fashion Show

  • Manners Banquet or Workshop

  • Christmas Journey

  • Mother-Daughter Retreat

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The Club DOK end of year ceremony that we call Coronation is an important way to celebrate the culmination of learning and growth through participation in Club DOK. In this ceremony, first-year girls receive a public affirmation in the form of a blessing from their father or father-figure. This blessing serves as an important rite-of-passage and will be remembered for years to come. Our group provided the fathers with a tiara to place on their daughter’s head at the end of the blessing. The crown serves as a reminder that she is not only a daughter, but the daughter of the King of Kings.
Second-year girls are recognized at Coronation for completing the entire 2-year program. These girls are presented with a custom, sterling silver Club DOK charm. Moms escort their daughters in the second-year ceremony and are the ones who present their daughters with the charm. To reflect on lessons learned and memories made, our program creates a short video/slideshow of each second-year mother-daughter pair. Important friends and family members are invited to attend.

Club DOK: About Us
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Considering starting a group of your own?  Our Club DOK Program Guide will provide you everything you need, including: detailed lessons plans, instructions for special events, tips for success, small group discussion questions, planning schedule and even tips for gathering support from church leadership.

Club DOK Program Guide is available for purchase for $119.00 by emailing

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