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Reaching all families and equipping them to live courageously for the cause of Christ.

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In a culture where gender differences are being challenged, Seeds of Purpose has developed a ministry where boys and girls can be who God created and intended them to be in all of their uniqueness. We have developed a curriculum for tween boys and girls that partner with parents to teach the next generation practical life lessons from a Biblical worldview.  

Kingdom Knights and Club DOK are programs for either father and son or mother and daughter that teach strategic lessons geared for tweens and their parent. These 24 interactive sessions present contemporary, coming-of-age topics and teach valuable life skills through a Biblical lens.  These programs are structured around weekly meetings and include instructions for special events designed to enhance the material taught.

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Tweens are in the in-between stage, not a child and not a teen either.  Yet, they are, in many ways, still impressionable, like wet cement.  They are absorbing information from culture and the world around them, forming opinions about their identity.   What they truly need is a guide to point them towards truth.

At Seeds of Purpose, we desire to present tweens with truth from the Bible and saturate their minds and hearts with a Biblical worldview.  Though older teens can discuss a variety of topics in more depth, they often have already experienced failure in one or more of these areas.  We want to help tweens develop a solid foundation and perhaps avoid regret.  

At Seeds of Purpose, we strive to ensure that all topics are offered in an age-appropriate manner.  One benefit of a parent attending with their son or daughter is the discussions that they will have together after lessons are presented.  Because of what they learn in Club DOK or Kingdom Knights, parents report having more confidence when discussing topics that were previously intimidating.

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